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    Image Files On Desktop
    My girlfriend just purchased an iMac with OS X, and the latest issue to drive me up the wall is how to install and run Firefox without having the Firefox image file on the desktop! I tried to install Firefox's Flash plugin, as well, and it too insisted on planting it's own image file onto the desktop. Is every third party software installation going to stick it's icon/image file on the desktop?

    I've tried everything I know, from PC experiences, to move the image file to "Applications", where it should properly belong, but nothing works. Firefox will not run without the image file on the desktop. The Firefox download does not open an installer, as such, wherein I could direct the installation to a folder of choice; my only option is to allow it to place the image file from which Firefox apparently is running, on the desktop, along with any Firefox plugin you wish to add.

    For the love of Pete, is there NOTHING intuitive about this operating system? Does every installed image file have to go to the desktop?

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    Sounds like me when I first got my MacBook, the problem is your using your " PC expriences" ,Applications install ALOT different on OSX.

    For most apps to install you download a .dmg file or a zip that contains a dmg file. You then click on the dmg file and it mounts the image of the app or installer.

    Then what you want to do is figure out if its a installer or a app. The easiest way I found was to check to see if it ended in .pkg or not, if its a .pkg file and has a icon of a box opening then its a installer and it works just like on PC (windows).

    If its just a App file you can then drag this app any where you want to and excute it and it will work with out copying any files all over your computer like on a PC, (personaly this is pure genius and a welcome change from PCs I have to fix on a daily basis at my day job)

    Also make sure when you try to copy the app to somewhere else that it isnt running first, the best way to check this is using the Activity Monitor under Application/utilities, or click on the Apple logo in the top left of the screen and choose force quit.

    Hope this helps.

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