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Thread: First Mac.

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    First Mac.
    Recently I've been contemplating the idea of getting a mac. I've read the forums and checked out but still not sure which model I want to buy. I've been thinking about either a ibook or powerbook which I will use for all my computing needs except for gaming and maybe dvd burning. I don't have alot of money, I'm only 17 with a job at Burger King and a anime addiction. My question is would the 14" ibook be good enough or do I need to wait a little longer and save up for a powerbook. Thanks for all your help. And sorry bout all the unnecessary information I added in.

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    yeah, the ibook is great, i got one for my first mac itll run anything you throw at it and its an excellent machine. probably only consider the powerbook if

    a) you can afford it

    b) you use more intensive graphics programs or processor heavy apps

    but in general the ibook runs anything nicely, i use all macromedia apps and photoshop, painter etc etc and its awesome.

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    Thanks for the reply that helped make up my mind. In the time frame of 3-4 months I'll beable to buy my first 14" ibook. Thanks for your help.

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    no problem you'll love it

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    Buy right after the summer apple updates!! or you will end up with an old iBook because in 5-6 months apple will update all the macs and drop the prices. (which is like 1-2 months after you want to buy)

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    Yeah, and it sucks when that happens. I got a Titanium Powerbook about a month before the Aluminums came out, and I really want USB 2.0, a backlit keyboard, and Bluetooth...

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    I was planning on getting it before may.(I'm on a committee for the Relay For Life, which is a event for the American cancer society) and I'm in charge of the slide show portion of the event. If its gonna cost me some money by getting it sooner then May then I can always use windows..... thanks for the help.

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