Hey Guys! Couple of switcher questions, one easy, one more difficult I think . . .

1. In iChat, when I use cards from my address book to add people to my buddy list it adds the phone number and AIM name under the same name. Then it puts a little "mobile" under their name. The problem is . . .i can't tell when they are ACTUALLY signed on with a computer! Am I missing some kind of indicator? I feel kinda dumb! LOL

2. This one's harder. I have a Windows Mobile smartphone (bought it a year ago . . . forgive me . . . I am new to Mac . .. ps, can't wait for iPhone). Anyway, I have been trying out "missing sync" with much success . . . but there are some things that I cannot do with it that I need Windows for. For this I have been using parallels. Unfortunately I can't get Missing Sync to STOP interacting with my phone even after de-selecting in Missing Syncs options, thus preventing parallels from being able to use the phone. I even tried to kill the Missing Sync process from the system monitor! I know this problem is unusual and probably not common . . . anyone got an idea?

Thanks so much guys!