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Thread: Safari running EXTREMELY slower than Firefox???

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    Safari running EXTREMELY slower than Firefox???
    I am about a month into my MBP. I downloaded firefox just because that's what I was used to on my PC.

    I started using Safari and I really like the UI compared to firefox...but it's loading everything REALLY slow. I have done various net speed tests and w/ my airport wireless on my MBP i'm getting close to 3meg/second in firefox but only 1.2m/s in safari.

    I went to the apple homepage to watch the new commercials and it took minutes to load the videos according to the status bar on the built-in quicktime player. In Firefox, the video loads about as fast as the page does.

    Anything I should know??

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    ya sometimes Safari doesnt work too good for me either. so i use FireFox when that happens
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