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    Question regarding Kingston memory (Memory in general)
    I just got my new 17" Intel Imac from a big box store, and had the "technicans" there install another gig stick. What I didn't know and just realized is that the memory they used is PC4200 running at 533mhz, below the Imac stats which are 667MHz DDR2 (PC2-5300). Should I be concerned about this? Or will my Mac just start running at the lowest speeds?

    Cheers and thx for any answers.

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    Also just a note, I also checked the system profiler for the ram, and they're both running at 533Mhz. Could it be that the mac originally shipped with this slower 512 DIMM or is this a result of the 512 DIMM matching the speed of the slower ram?

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    I believe the memory will run at the slower speed. I would take your system back and have them correct it. I am assuming you wanted the same type of memory, that can with the system.
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    The memory will automatically underclock to it's lowest speed. IF you are supposed to be getting PC2-5300 I'd take it back and ask for either the memory to be removed and replaced with the proper speed or just removed, purchase your own memory (you can find recommendation lists at, who is what I recommend) and have them install it.

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