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Thread: Looking to buy a mac

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    Nef Productions
    Looking to buy a mac
    I am looking to convert into a mac user because im tired of windows and I am a up and coming producer who does alot of music related stuff and macs are definitly greater for music. But my question was, I have read people having alot of problems with the macbook pro's with music software? Would a macbook pro be a smart buy or should i hold off on getting one for a while?

    Also until i could afford the macbook pro i was going to stop at my local goodwill computer store and pick up a mac g4 for a cheap price and beef up the memory. I was thinking of trying to get a dual 1ghz g4 and a super drive.
    Does the ilife on mac g4's still come with garage band? Is the operating system on G4's still pretty up to date? Do macs have updates you can run just like windows update?

    Also is there a certain kind of memory i have to buy for a g4 and what is the maxium amount of memory that a g4 can handle? Is there a certain type of hard drive that g4's use? and again what is the largest sized hard drive a g4 can handle?

    1 more questions.... Since I will most likley be purchasing 1 of theese computers from the goodwill computer store, If it by chance dosnt come with the backup disc or reformat disc or whatever would i need to buy the mac os or is there a way to obtain the backup disc......If they come with backup discs that is.

    Answers to theese questions will be much appreciated and help me in converting to a mac user

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    what exactly have you heard regarding problems with music software?

    youwill need to purchase all of those disks for your computer if it doesnt come with them, and dont worry you can get 10.3 for cheap on ebay and also ilife 04 for next to nothing as well

    go to for your question about memory, you tell them your computer and it tells you how much ram you can put in and what type

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    Nef Productions
    Well i was reading somewhere else on this forum that people are having problems with reason 3, I have also read on another site i go to that albatron live dosent seem to work correctly, Is this something that will not work right on all macbook pro's and is it something that will be fixed in time? I mean i probably will not end up using either of those programs, but there is a slight chance I will be wanting to run reason 3

    But more importantly that pro tools is going to work perfect and other recording based software

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    If you're going to be recording digital audio with Pro-Tools, you may need a top of the line machine. Unless you're using LE.

    It all comes down to your budget.

    Garageband was introduced in iLife'04.

    Here are some links to check out :

    Garageband user forum
    GarageBand 3
    GarageBand 2
    Music Making On Macs

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    Nef Productions
    Thank you, I know i will need a higher up the line machine which is why i am going to save up for the macbook pro or possibly a mac pro, the g4 is just going to be to hold me over till i can afford one of them, But I want to make sure that pro tools is going to be fully compatible with the new mac's using the intel processor

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    i've used PC's for music and digital audio editing.

    its servicable, but yeah, i don't blame you for wanting to get out.

    as for using mac's for it, i haven't gotten to that yet.
    i've been using it for word processing and general stuff, and it has my ringing endorsement thus far...

    good luck with the music thing!
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