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    Considering Switching?
    I would just like to say that anyone who is considering switching should definatly try out a Mac, I went today and tryed a Macbook 13inch at John Lewis (base model). I would of liked to try one of the more powerfull models but none were working. I also could not try the Mac Pro because they have not got one in yet and there Power Mac was 'broken'.

    Anyway I thought with the low RAM and power of the base level it would be quite slow. To my suprise I clicked iTunes and insantly it appeared, which on my PC which technically is higher spec it takes up to 20 seconds. Then I tried some more demanding programs, iMovie HD which is a much more powerfull program, well that took under 2 bounces and no more than 15 seconds. A similar program on my PC (such as Windows Movie Maker) is much closer to 50 seconds.

    All I can say is fantastic, if you are not sure of switching just walk into a store and try it out. I even changed the preferences for the dock so that it magnified when you put the mouse over it. Thats how user friendly they are, first time I used one as well

    Anyway I cannot wait for my Mac Pro now.

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    I am so happy I switched to a mac. My iMac still runs like the day I got it.

    You will never truly know about all the cool little secrets in OSX. I have had my iMac for about a year and a half and I am still finding cool stuff by accident. Yesterday I was messing around with the date and time and I noticed I could get my computer to announce the time to me. Now every hour on the hour it announces the time to me in some hot English babes voice.

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    Dood, nice. I wish I had funds for a mac pro, but if I had those funds, I'd want funds for a 30 inch screen. And if I had that screen, I'd be wacking for Video downloads of movies in switzerland. Dvds with HD. Gah, I want so much.
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