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    Character Map
    Does OSX have an equivalent of Window's character map that tells youhow to make accented and foreign characters in Pages? THanks

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    There are easier ways to do it, by typing and using the option key, but since I don't have my mac with me I can not test this to give you accurate information, Either I will come back to this in a few days to give you that information, or somebody else here will follow up this post with those keyboard commands.

    Hope the link helped.
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    PowerBookG4, the link you gave refers to "KeyCaps", which is no longer on Macs, I believe it is only on OS9 and earlier.

    To get a similar result, you can go into "System Preferences", and go to the "international" pane. Click the "Input Menu" tab, and check off "Keyboard Viewer". This should give you an icon on the Menu Bar (top of the screen) with a flag. Click on the flag, and choose "Show Keyboard Viewer". This should show a keyboard window that will change depending on what key you press. For instance, pressing 'Option/alt' will show you which key to press to get that accent. Like Option+u (umlaut) then 'a' gives you .

    Hope that helps...
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    A much simpler way to get what you want (a charcter map) is to click on the edit menu at the top and select "special characters" right at the bottom of the menu. This should be available in most applications but once you have the character pallet up you can use it in any app. Just have your cursor where you want the charcter and then double click on the special character.

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