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    Can I turn off the MacBook start-up sound?
    Sometimes before I shut-down I'll forget to mute my speakers, then when I'm in the library and I turn my macbook on, the sound disturbs people. I couldn't find anything in System Pref. that would allow me to disable the start up sound. Any help greatly appreciated.

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    You want to hear that when you start up. It tells you that everything is A-OK with your Mac. If you don't have it muted and you don't hear it...well that isn't so good.
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    I wouldn't know the solution to muting the sound, but I do have an alternate which I use. What I do is make sure it has a bit of a charge, turn it on BEFORE I go to the library, and let it sleep as I take it there in my carry-case. Then if I need to plug it in, I can at the library or run it off of the battery. Simple as that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by D3v1L80Y
    You want to hear that when you start up. It tells you that everything is A-OK with your Mac. If you don't have it muted and you don't hear it...well that isn't so good.
    So I guess that's the equivalent to the start up BEEP you get on a PC? Guess I'll just sleep it before the library if I can. Carrying it around and having it move around a bit in my backpack won't hurt it when it is sleeping?

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    I never turn my powerbook off even when I'm transporting it. It's been fine since 2004 so I think you are ok doing that.

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    There are 2 software solutions to this problem.

    One is called "StartUpSound.prefpane", and it adds a preference pane for the startup sound volume. It seems to be the most popular, but unfortunately it is not universal yet (PowerPC only)

    Luckily, "Psst" is a universal binary.
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