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    Close to Switching, Few Questions!!
    I'm sorry, I know you all have heard this a million times. I have always been a PC user, and have finally had enough with Windows and am ready to switch to Mac. I plan to purchase the Dual 1.8 G5. Just have a few questions:

    1) I have a linksys wrieless 802.11g network, will the G5 work with this. What will I need? the Airport extreme card? and how would I go about adding it to the network?
    2) I have heard rumours of changes to the G5 in February, should I wait? This is about as much as I can pay, and am kinda anxious about getting it, so is it worth the wait?
    3) I plan on keeping my CRT monitor and speaker set-up, it should all work with the G5, correct?

    Thanks for all your help.

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    1) Yes. The G5 will work fine. You need the airport extreme card and adding it to the network takes seconds....It adds itself automatically.

    2) The Dual 1.8 came out in Novermber so I don't think it will be updated until April May at the earliest. Even if there is an update (I wouldn't bet on it) your model would still be an amazing system and you will not feel like you are getting the shaft by not waiting. I got my powerbook (stats on left) just 2 months before they updated and I have not regretted buying it earlier once

    3) Yes your CRT will be just fine. The G5 includes a DVI -> VGA adapter
    Speakers connect just like on a PC
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    Thank you so much, you do not realize how much you've finalized my decision. Off to Apple's Web store I go......

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    Actually hmm.. I would probably wait.. I think you are correct in assuming that the G5 is going to be updated soon, but then again if you are like me you wouldnt want to wait and all that time waiting would be lost time with my Mac.. so.. if you can wait.. maybe you should.. or take a look at to see what they think about new G5's...

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    Well i would say that if you wait and try to get the rumored 3ghz g5 then your wallet will be totally f***ed so do it now man

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