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    Talked out of switching?
    I talked to a guy today who installs networks. The subject of computers came up and he asked me "Why are you getting a Mac?" After decsribing a laundry list of frustration with my PC he said "For the price of a Mac you could buy a new Dell every two years. It's unusual for most people to get a Mac when they have started out on a PC".
    As if that weren't enough he started with a short lecture about how MS bails out Mac on a regular basis. Lucky for me I don't get caught up in the politics.
    Every time the topic of Macs comes up people who don't have one seem to think Mac owners are over-the-top and they turn a blind eye to PC's. True or not it doesn't matter to me. I am still waiting for the right time to order my 1.25 Ghz iMac ( am waiting for Uncle Sam to come through on his end ). Then I will find out for myself what all the buzz is about. I find it a bit frustrating when every time the topic of me wanting a Mac comes up, someone around me says "Why do you want one of those?" ARGH!

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    Don't get annoyed, think of it as an opportunity to convert THEM!

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    Well people used to say that about pretty much any new invention, although the mac isnt a new invention it still has the same problem.. ignorance. When new technology, etc is invented people used to say, "Why would anybody buy that?" A computer? there is no need, etc etc. It's from sheer ignorance.. obviously they havent used a mac, otherwise they wouldnt be saying that. Of course there are some disgruntled mac users out there, since it can't fill every persons needs, but it sure comes close!

    Like StarManta said, it gives you an opportunity to say how great the mac is.. well it will once you have one

    Plus it looks like you are a female.. And guys have a tendency to think that women need a prince charming to come rescue them from making mistakes.. thus what I believe that salesman was doing, when in reality he should have kept his mouth shut since he hasnt used a mac and is still quoting propaganda from the old days. Macs have a longer life, Macs have better hardware, etc etc and in a lot of cases Mac's are cheaper than PC's that are configured as close as possible to a Mac's configuration..

    Im just happy that you didnt listen to him.. sometimes you just have to go and learn it the hard way and do it yourself.. and I believe you'll be pleasantly suprised and will be extremely pleased with your Mac when you get it!


    P.S. After getting your mac and you fall in love with it, go back to that salesman and tell him how wonderful your mac is and how you can't believe you almost bought another PC.. thank you so much for helping you realize that you needed a mac.. *hehe* I would love to hear what he said to that

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    "For the price of a Mac you could buy a new Dell every two years. It's unusual for most people to get a Mac when they have started out on a PC".

    1. this is not true

    2. why should you have to by a new PC every two years? The first thing I noticed about Mac users is how long they use the machines....all the PC users I know dump them like paper cups...what a waste!!

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    I've been a PC users since 1985 with the IBM PC jr. Never was interested in a MAC at all until recently.

    I have always heard about how reliable MACs were and everything, but I liked the games on the PC more.

    I'm planning on purchasing a iBook G4 12.1" to lug around the house, take around in case I travel to use. I've had 2 PC laptops in the past and none have impressed me.

    I doubt you could get a new Dell every two years. I could get 3 iBooks to do what I want for the price of 2 Dell (300m) notebooks. I'm going to use it for word prcoessing, web browsing, DVD viewing.

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    decon - make sure you take a look at the 12" iBook in person. I was just about to pull the trigger on a 12" until I saw one...they are small! I am getting the 14 G4 iBook now...can't wait!

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    Decon I am the same as you Have two computers in the house.

    1. My eMac 700mhz 500mb now with superdive used for all things I need it for

    2. My IBM ThinkPad Only like the thing for LANs with Friends and the games I have for it.

    I am looking at dumping the IBM and getting a new G5 and Virtual l PC

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    "Converting" is an evil word. You have to be small minded to think that a PC is crap or a mac is junk. Each comes with their own perks. I personally have 1 of each. My extreme desktop system. (p4 3 ghz w HT, 1 GB 3200 DDR, FX 5700 ultra) and mt g4 867 PB. Each has their advantages, each has disadvantages. I use one for a handfull of things, and likewise

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    I agree the 12.1" is small, but gotta love the portability.

    I'll go to the store again before I purchase

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    You don't need any reason to switch to a Mac, other than you like it. You pay more because you get more. It lasts longer, and has the ease mac feel to it.

    Buy that dell every 2 years, or buy 1 mac to last you 5-6 years.. eventually the dell will fall WAY behind.

    People spend more on computers for a few of the same reasons they spend more on cars.

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    Yes, I dont know why you would really not want to switch.

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    I just ordered my Mac last week, everyone was trying to talk me out of it... since my job is based on Windows! However, my boss just got a G5 and the guy that runs our forums is a Mac Nut so he helped talking me into getting one. I'll tell you though... I have been very excited about it and look forward to FedEx dropping it off next week! I can't wait to play with it. I have a lot of old 8MM tapes I'll be mastering into DVD on it and bunches of other stuff.

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    I've had my eMac since November.
    I'll be happy just upgrading the RAM every now and again for a few years, it runs the basic apps I need for it.

    I look forward to years of enjoyment from this machine.

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    I have the G4 powerbook 17"/1000RAM and I love coming home to it. I use a Dell D600 at work. I think the mac is s much more easy to use. Little headaches. No biggie.

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    For the record I have already did a great deal of price checking between Mac and Dell. As a graphic artist, I need a lot of memory and power, therefore I can't accept a computer as is, I am forced to upgrade a lot of the existing features. So, to give you what I have done the math on the answer is, "NO! For the price of a Mac I could not buy a Dell computer every two years."

    However, that is just on my end for the kind of work I do. If you buy a computer as is there might be a legitimate issue in regards to price. It just depends on what you want a computer for. If you want it just so you could goof off with it and say to people, "Yes, I have a computer." Then I guess it doesn't matter what you get. However, for the kind of work that I do a Mac was a necessity.

    It sounds like the person that you were talking to worked for Dell.

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