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Thread: Camino start up pages

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    Camino start up pages
    I love Firefox and Opera because you can set your start page with several different tabs open. You bring up the tabs you want then save the session - next time you get on it will come up with each tab loaded. Can you do this in Camino? I have done a search and can't find anything on this. I would like Camino but I want it to be able to do this or i'm going to stick with Opera or Firefox. I would rather use a mac based browser though. Thanks!


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    Until it is developed into Camino please store your collection of sites in a folder, make that folder a tab group, and put it on your bookmarks bar. Then load Camino, click the bookmark, and you're done.

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    Oh yea, one more thing, Camino is not Mac based. It is Gecko based, designed with Apple in mind.

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    I've been looking for a session-saver extension or plugin for Safari for ages.. If they put one out for it, I wouldn't use Camino.. I just like Camino because it looks like Mail.. very minimalistic and simple. Safari still pwns though.

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    safari pwns your ram.

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    I hate to say it but even though I love camino and firefox, I keep going back to safari for the built in RSS reader. Its just too easy.

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