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Thread: RPGs for Mac

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    RPGs for Mac
    Does anyone know of any good RPGs for Mac where you dont have to pay a monthly fee? I was looking at Halo and I think I am going to get that........

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    Angry Ye Gamers Unite
    Yeah I was thinking the same thing about that the other day.... I said to myself, wow I love my mac and love how smoothly its programs run... I'm a designer and always being impressed at the new OSX operating system compared to Mac 9 normally, no stress, and like how Pc's with Windows XP should be... then I think, ****... Why the hell isn't mac giving game designers free Macs (of course the best model out there)? Mac could make a large profit off designer, students, and gamers. Halo is good in all (thinking about buying it myself), but there are a ton of hot games on the market as we speak that definatly need to be for Mac's too... oh well now I'm just rambling anyways there should be more Platfrom games release for Mac instead profiting off a microsoft product, it only feeds the beast of large businesses. Okay I've ranted enough... E-mail Mac and voice your opinion people.... Anyone there?
    Oh I guess I just heard the thud of the guys next door playing Good and Evil, sadly I sit here lonely listen to the sounds of swords, robots, and cowbell over my laptops tiny speaker cranking out Massive Attack - Protection... Anyways as this CD draws to an end I bid whoever stuck along till the very end of my Existentialism rant a good evening or a good morning, which ever rub you in the way you find best friend...

    P.s. as for the original post RPG's poster I give my reguards, sorry dude. Macs I guess are for business class dudes without a ton of time to waste on having fun... anyways, peace, I'm 'Over and Out' Ten Four Good Buddy, later

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    Halo is good, but its a FPS
    Medal of Honor is good, but its a FPS
    Americas Army is good and free, but its a FPS
    WarCraft III is great, but its a build and destroy game
    Diablo II is good, old but good.
    Dungeon Siege is great for people lookin for graphics.
    Ghost Recon is good, but an FPS

    pretty much how things goes.. is FPS are what people like and so its what we get.

    as for "gotpod" - mac does provide developers with free stuff, but apple is a hardware company, not a software company.. they do provide the best developer tools around for free, and also give the developers ability to beta test software, like panther. and 10.4... Apple is good.

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    How will the iBook G4 12.1" standard(no upgrades) run those games?

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    Depends on you processor speed - I'd expect most of them to be just fine, possibly except for Halo.

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    I will buy the upgrades if I need them. I dont this I will though. I will buy Halo and try AA. Thank you.

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