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Thread: I am *so* switched!

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    Lightbulb I am *so* switched!
    I started working on Dec PDP-11 computers, then Dec Vax's, then Sun-1's, 2's, 3's, and sparcStations. I move to NT 3.51 desktops when I started my company and installed Linux servers pretty early on. We then went through NT-4, Windows 2000, then XP Pro. We always used Cygwin and bought exceed Xservers. The linux servers have been fine, but windows has become more of a problem every year. This year our network got hit with MSBLAST and we lost a couple of important disks in the restore process. Now adware is infecting machines and the virus protection software can't seem to stop it.

    I spent some time thinking about this problem over Xmas ... and realized ... Mac OS X == NextStep = Unix + Desktop! And it has great bundled software (Xserver, Java, Obj-C, Xcode, gcc, gdb, etc)! and it's $1700 for a G5 desktop! I just hadn't thought about it. Mac isn't a toy PC anymore, it's a real computer!

    I've had my new G5 desktop for 4 days. I'm on the network, have easy access to the servers, a great desktop, I'm learning to use Obj-C with Xcode, and have had *no* problems at all.

    I am *so* switched. Spread the word.


    P.S. Thanks, Steve!

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    oooook, me too, lol

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    Don't understand half of what you're doing, but congrats anyway :-)

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    i second that, lol

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    Gotta love the pretty UNIX!

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    I've had my 12" Power Book G4 since dec. 03, and it's rockin'....I know what ya mean man.

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    Yup... I certainly do... Check out the old.

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    Congrats and the real world :-)

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    Congratz!! I feel the same way! I mean it's such a huge relief to not have to tip toe about the internet and worry about e-mail attachments! And the freedom of running a personal desktop that needs no stinking virus scanner and third party firewall :p Oh, by the way, I was considering posting about system maintenence, and then I read your post - I guess you got that covered

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