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    Can I open powerpoint files with Appleworks

    I am a switcher and have just got my new 14" iBook G4 today. I have to admit that I absolutely LOVE IT! It set up my wireless ADSL connection in a matter of seconds (unlike the 4 hrs it took with XP!).

    Anyway, that aside I have a little problem. I can't afford Powerpoint but I need to open .ppt files (preferably to edit). Can this be done with Appleworks (that shipped with my iBook)? I can't figure it out. If not, how else can I open it without shelling out lots of cash?

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    I just switched and have lots of MS office files to work with. I tried openOffice and Appleworks and they are just not compatable enough.

    I got Office v.X for Students/Teachers for $149. You get word, excel, powerpoint, and Entourage (aka outlook) and it works great. I absolutely recommend getting this package.


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