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    Found an Apple store near me
    I found an Apple store 22 miles from my house - they'd only been there for a little over a year. I had no idea there was even an Apple store since I'd never thought of purchasing one. I ordered the macbook on July 19 - still waiting for it!!! It hasn't even left China yet!!! Anyway I got too inpatient and was having SO many doubts and ready to sell it so I went to the Apple store yesterday to try it out. This store was amazing! They had every computer Apple makes set up ready to try out. They even had a kid's section so the kiddies could play on a computer too! The people there were really nice. I found my macbook and stood before it and had no clue what to do. The apple salesperson sort of laughed at me (nicely) and I explained to him this was the first time in my life I had ever stood before a mac. I told him how experienced I was with windows and he told me to throw that away - I would now be using a real OS. He got me started and I played. It didn't take me long at all to figure out how things work and I had a ball!!! My little girl (she's 9) was on the mac next to me and she found the iPhoto and was having a ball making faces into it. Anyway - now I can't wait to get mine. I am so glad I purchased it. Oh I did try out the Mighty Mouse and yuck! I'm getting a Microsoft or Logitech wireless mouse I found. The track pad wasn't bad but I need a mouse. Sorry this is so long but I'm pretty excited now! I saw tons of people buying them from high school age all the way up to grandma and grandpa (lol).



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    You will enjoy it. I got me the Logitech S 530 wireless keyboard and mouse. I tried a couple out before this one and this by far is my favorite. Make sure to keep a few hours planned away because once you get it you're not going to want to stop using it

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    Congrats on your purchase.

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    Glad that all your doubts have now been cleared.
    I know it seems very overwhelming at first with a new OS (I felt the exact same way), but now after a couple of days OS X feels just pure and words cannot describe really what OS X is to me. Also, if I have any questions, this is the place (even though I have a book on OS X). So all in all I am happy that your experience in the store was enjoyable and productive (as it shoud be). I am suprised though that your mac has not left China yet.
    My Avatar says it all.

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    Glad you found a store and were able to allay your fears. You won't regret it!

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    Only downside to me buying this Mac was the closest Apple Store to me here in New Orleans is a state away.


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    Annie you are sure making a lot of posts about your insecurities! I am not criticising, but how on earth were you able actually spend 1000 dollars or more on something that you were so unsure about! that must have been some salesmanship on the part of whoever convinced you to go Mac.

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