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    iBook or Powerbook
    [SIZE=4]Well, I've always been interested in Macs, but I went to the mall on Saturday, went into the Apple Store, and it changed my perception on computers. Since then, I've been researching Apple, the iBook, PowerBook, and OS X. I've been using Windows since forever(currently XP, sigh). However, I've decided I need a Mac. I'm a senior in high school, so I need a computer for college. I'm already getting a Windows computer from a relative, but I asked my parents for a Mac laptop. My only decision now is whether to get the iBook or PowerBook.

    1. Which do you think is better for a student(for both studying and entertainment(DVD,CD, etc.)?
    2. How long does it take to learn OS X after years of Windows? Any personal experience?
    3. Should I opt for the 12inch or 14inch iBook? What about PowerBook?
    4. Since I'm going to college this fall, should I also buy PowerPC since most people on campus will be using Windows? How exactly does it work? Is it a good program? Does it work with EVERY Windows program?
    5. Why did you switch to Apple?
    6. Why is OS X better than Windows XP?
    7. How does the AirPort work? What do I need for it to work(as in, on the Apple site(store), when you customize the laptop, do you need to add all components of AirPort(Extreme?)
    8. Any other information on Macs and the transition would be appreciated.


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    I am in a very similar situation (senior in HS) but I had saved up enough money too make the switch over the summer. You can see my specs below my username.

    1. Really up to personal preference because they are both very powerful and now that they both use G4 processors they are even closer.

    2. I was on windows my whole life until july last year and it took me about a week - 2 weeks of use until I was fully adjusted. I joined this forum the day that I switched and it was a big help.

    3. When it comes to screen size I am a bigger is better person. For the iBooks I would go with the 14" because 12" to me just didn't seem like I could have enough open but thats just me. I got the 15" powerbook because the 17" seemed almost too big to be a laptop and I do a lot of work away from desks.

    4. I assume you are talking about VirtualPC. I don't think it is necessary because the main thing that you will be using on campus is documents and other things of the nature that you would use Microsoft Office for. I use office v.x on my apple and there are zero compatiblilty issues between mac and pc with these. There are some other office suites that people would recommend.
    I am under the impression that VPC runs all windows applications except those that require 3D acceleration from the video card.

    5. I had enough of Windows and having to reformat and was ready for something new to work on.

    6. UNIX is the best file system around.
    Crash free
    Beautiful Interface
    Excellent integration with apples programs (iTunes, iMovie etc)
    Built in pop-up blocker in Safari has an excellent Junk Filter built in

    7. AirPort works with any wireless routers so you do not need to buy the Card for the laptop as well as the basestations. I have standard airport in my 15" and I am connected wirelessly right now to a linksys router.

    8. Its much easier then you would think it would be to switch and once you switch you never wanna go back

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    thanks a lot! Yeah, I was talking about VirtualPC I REALLY want my Mac as soon as possible, but i'm also getting it over the summer. I already ordered Mac World, so I'm trying to learn all I can about Apple and Mac computers.

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    Yea MacWorld is a great magazine. There has't been a single time when I regretted switching over to my powerbook
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    I can share a bit of personal experience. I got my Powerbook about a week and a half ago. I switched from a whole slew of Windows machines (95,me,2000). I got the 12" Powerbook and I haven't regretted the smaller screen size. I like being able to pull the plug and take it with me to the atrium. I did get the BT wireless KB and Mouse. I bought them so that I would have a number pad and no extra cords. There have been worth it for the coolness factor alone.

    1. The Powerbook is better than the iBook (naturally). Whether or not it's worth the extra money is debatable. If you're not going to be doing hard computation on it and you don't want BT and the other gadgets that come standard with the PB, then I think that the iBook is the way to go. For me it was a matter of the Powerbook only being $150-200 more than the iBook by the time I loaded them up the way I wanted them. That and I like the form factor of the PB much better.

    2. I don't know that I've 'learned' OS X in the couple of weeks that I've had my PB. But this was pretty much my first experience with a Mac and it's been pleasant. The learning curve just isn't very high.

    3. Well, that is a matter of preference. My officemate has a 15" PB that she ordered a couple of days after I ordered mine. She has more screen real-estate. Mine is more portable. If cost is a factor, then the 12" is also considerably cheaper. I actually planned to buy a display when I bought mine, but I've been pretty satisfied with the 12" screen so far.

    4. I have never used VirtualPC, but I've heard that it's not very good.

    5. If I were buying a desktop, I would have gotten another PC. But shopping for PC laptops is a frustrating affair (and I've had 4 or 5 of them). My previous laptop was garbage and quality PC laptops are very expensive. I decided that a Unix based PB was the way to go for me. It meshes well with the Unix work we do around here and I get it in a solidly built, user friendly laptop.

    6. I've never used XP. But being Unix based is a big plus for me. I think there are also ways that the PCs are better than the Macs though. For the casual user that doesn't play a lot of games, I think that OS X is a fantastic operating system though.

    7. If you're going to live on campus and are provided with 100 megabit ethernet, then you may not want to worry too much about the Airport Extreme, as it will cut your connection speed by a factor of two. That said, I have four megabit cable modem in my home and do use my wireless card there. If you want to go wireless I would suggest getting the card installed in the machine by Apple. I'm sure that their base station works fine, but there are cheaper solutions out there if you can set it up yourself. It works exceptionally well with my Linksys router.

    8. Mac knows that they have a tiny marketshare and that to do well they need to lure PC owners away from Microsoft. It seems to me that they've done everything that they can to make the transition as smooth as possible. I was shocked at how quickly I was able to decommission my old laptop. I figured that I would be running the two side-by-side for weeks before I put it to bed.


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    Little late already been answered but I like surveys and more responses are always better!

    1. The powerbook because its more powerful. But the Ibook will so get the job done.
    2. Took me 3 days to get confortable with OS X. But now its second hand for me I don't know everything yet I still got along ways to go.
    3. I'd go the 14 inch, it's not like that's too much for a student to tote around. And by just from so far I say go with Ibook.
    4. No. VPC sucks, from personal expierence and from just about the opinion of everyone fortunate enough to use it. Windows made Apple software is terrible. MSN, MSN Messenger, the Office port (buddy of mine had his time out yesterday after spending 3 hours writing a term paper... ouch lost all the work) OS X works well with Windows esp Panther (which I am about to upgrade too) and you will auto get with the purchase of your new computer.
    5. I hate the taskbar on windows (not a joke), That's what got me interested but theirs more I hated Virus once a month... oh did I say once I mean like everytime I turned around. And then when I saw OS X I was sold.
    6. The look, speed, applications (no matter what pc users common myth is about us), customization, community, no virus, no worms, no hacker, easyness, its fun, you could write a book on the reasons.
    7. (not an opinion question, been answered)
    8. You sound like the perfect canidate to switch (I don't say that to everyone, several friends have thought about switching after seeing mine I advised against it do to their own interest and needs in computers.

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