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    Jun 07, 2006
    macbook trackpad/keyboard ate my productivity
    I have had my macbook (stock with 1gb ram upgrade)for about 2 months now, and its cool except for one ultra annoying issue: i cant type on it.

    The trackpad seems to have two modes (depending on it being set to "ignore accidental trackpad input" or not)

    1) I type and at random what im typing appears in the middle of a sentence on another line; entire paragraphs are deleted at will and (on aim) it CONSTANTLY tries to offer to finish my words. So hello dolly annoying I can't begin to tell you.
    2) If its ignoring accidental trackpad input, its ignoring intentional input too. It will just stop responding for several seconds at a time (two things i absolutely cannot stand about a computer are if it doesnt respond to my input, and if it incorrectly responds to my input).

    How the curly hair do i fix this? I've tried changing my hand positions, but i prefer my palms to be resting on the laptop rather than in the air.

    Someone please help!!!

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    Where are you trying to type things? The autocompletion of words is a AIM feature, you should be able to turn it off.
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    i dont have no mac's
    i suggest you mind your hand location and turn off the 'ignore trackpad' option, its what i do on my powerbook.

    or you have the option of using an external mouse.

    some solutions could be to repair your permissions.
    bring it to/call an apple tech and see if there is something physically wrong with your book

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    Jun 07, 2006
    I try to type everywhere. NeoOffice, this website, aim, whatever. I can minimize the annoyance from spellcheck, but nothing else.

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    Jun 07, 2006
    omfg i am such a noob. I think i just realized, when i had "ignore accidental input" on, it wasnt responding because it sensed part of my hand on the trackpad.i move it 1/16in to the left and no freezing. We'll see how long this lasts!

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    My wife had a similar problem with I first got the macbook - she would leave her left thumb resting on the trackpad and complain that it wasn't working for her right index finger. After she got used to not leaving her thumb there, it was fine. I think this is a small side effect of the wider trackpad on the macbook than on other laptops. I prefer it, though, and wouldn't change it

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    What I do is I put it so its just a trackpad and not a touchpad (I have to click with the button not tapping it) that way there is never an issues with me erasing or typing somewhere else on the screen, even though the mouse might move while I am typing, (which i notice it doing now) it does not interfere with what I am typing... Its just easier that way.. let me know how it works for you.
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