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    Partition question

    If I partition and external HD will I erase the information on it?

    I've got to get this right cos I've got 20gb of music in one iTunes folder on the external drive and if I get this wrong it's going to mean another week of copying my CD's accompanied by much swearing and alcohol.

    I want to use the external drive for back up purposes as well and I'm told that it's better to back up to a partitioned drive.

    Once again I thank you for your help.


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    Yes. Partitioning a drive using OS X's built-in disk utility will erase the existing partition and create new ones.

    It is possible to non-destructively partition a drive, (i.e. without losing data) but it's still fairly complicated.

    My advice: copy it to your internal drive (assuming you have the space), parition and then copy back. If you don't have the space - burn DVD's.

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    there is one utility called iPartition. its a shareware, but it will let you resize partitiond without erasing

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    a week spent with alcohol isn't necessarily a bad thing......

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    Alcohol, swearing and music fill up most of my spear time. :cool:

    Even if you did manually partition or use a program to non destructively partition the drive it's not 100% safe and is always recommended to backup the data before hand. I should think putting the itunes folder onto DVD's would be faster than re-loading all the CD's.

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