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Thread: Install icons on desktop

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    Install icons on desktop
    I've used macs for years, but never owned one until this year, anyways, i was wondering what those little harddrive icons are on the desktop after you install a program? i've deleted all of them, but could this cause issues? also why can you "eject" them from finder?

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    The harddrive icons are mounted disk images. When you download a .dmg file, the system can treat it exactly as if it was an actual disk and so mounts it like it would a CD or USB device. When you unmount it, the system simply closes the .dmg file and you can delete it, store it or whatever.

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    So, no harm done. Once you have installed the program (usually just dragging it to the Applications folder) those disk icons are just left overs - you can safely delete them.
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    ok thanks a ton!

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