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    Parallels software or wait on Leopard?
    I see that Apple has begun to recommend Parallels software in their web page ads concerning running Windows on a Mac. I guess this means they have foregone the idea of incorporating virtualization into Leopard?

    I was sort of waiting on this in Leopard but it appears that Apple is promoting Parallels now and will probably continue.

    Any suggestions? I guess I should jump in with Parallels at $$ price?

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    This could be a ploy by Apple to divert attention away from Boot Camp, or maybe Apple is going to license the tech from Parallels. If you can wait, Leopard will be previewed in August so its only 2 months to wait. Then you can decide on whether to get Parallels or wait for Leopard.
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    Probably not
    If so they need to change the wording of this paragraph
    on their website --

    Since the Intel chip in the new Macs allows choice
    of OS, it is too big an issue for Apple not to include
    this in Leopard. As you can see, they are already
    in a pre-marketing mode with this idea.


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    parallels is only $49 and is wonderful. I've had no problems with it so far. I only need it for a couple of things though.

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