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    Cool Entourage vs Mail Filtering
    Hi everyone

    I read through some of the Entourage vs Mail treads and couldn't fine what I was looking for. Entourage seems to offer more of a mail/calandar/schedule/address book platform but do either one of these apps have filter by file extension?

    On my server here I'm using X-Wall and Panda Anti-virus to screen all incoming e-mail before it gets to my users. But in a stand-alone home application which one of these would offer the ability to filter/delete incoming mail which had a .scr file extension as an example?

    If this has been beaten into the ground already maybe someone can point me to the thread.


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    Yeah Entourage allows you to create a rule based upon attachments, at least the last version does.. Im not sure about earlier versions.. and I am sure the newest one coming out soon will have it also

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