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    Question Help w/ Basic Keyboard Shortcuts
    There is a basic keyboard shortcut common to most Windows apps whereby the menu bar (i.e., that portion at the top of the screen that usually reads from left to right as "File Edit View", etc. may be accessed by simply pressing the "Alt" key. This feature is especially helpful if you don't have each keyboard shortcut memorized for each function you might wish to activate from the various menus and want to browse the menus without reaching for your mouse. Is there a Mac equivalent to this keyboard shortcut? I have search this forum and found no answer to this question (maybe too basic a question, and I'm the only idiot that can't figure this out). :confused:

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    Apr 25, 2007
    I am looking for the same thing and have found NOTHING.
    I guess for us Windows converts, this is one area where a Mac sux.

    I hate having to go to the mouse....sniff

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    Jul 23, 2007
    ^ you do realize that the original post is from over 3 years ago...right? anywho, once you figure out the "command" combinations, you and I should be okay. for instance:

    MAC version: copy = hold command (apple key), press C
    paste = hold command, press V

    Windows version: copy = hold cntrl, press C
    paste = hold cntrl, press V

    It's all relatively the same...I've noticed that the command key is almost equivalent to the Windows cntrl key. It'll take some time getting used to, but it shouldn't be all that bad...

    .....this coming from a 3-day-old-MAC user.

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    dp32185, you are already a fine Mac user!

    OS X Keyboard Shortcuts.

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