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    Any AUDIO/VIDEO "switchers" from Win XP to Mac OSX become more creative? ? ?
    I do mostly music, and am in the process of learning FCP.

    Considering a MB for now - how much would it be worth in 6 months after MBP come out with cooler chips?

    Anyway, looking at black MB perhaps, maybe white with 2GB DDR.

    I have Nuendo/SX, AMD64, Reason, Live, and numerous VST libraries and Orchestral Libraries (I will miss my Gigastudio- - is there a way to make them talk to each other?)..... :headphone

    Anyway, back to my question, has anyone here in the audio/video world, who has switched, become more creative? How so? How did you overcome some of the software limitations, or non universal to date?

    I want to hear success stories, work-flow, etc!

    Getting ready soon!

    Especially for those late night ideas, even though I have a laptop!


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    I've played around with reason, acid, soundforge and a couple other music creation suites. With what apple gives you out of the gate I feel as though I'm actually learning some things and I've been given the ability to understand it more. I've played an instrument since I was about 9 or 10 so I can read music as well. I've found a significant amount of sites that promote sharing music created in garageband and that's always welcome when you just want some perspective on something you've done.

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    A computer does not make a person creative. Their talent does.
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