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    Help with PC to Mac jump
    here's the situation. i work for a church that is over run with PC lovers. well actually they aren't PC lovers they've just grown accustom to crappy slow computers. we move really slow in just about everything we do, so PCs just enable us to keep moving slowly. anyways, our new graphics design person joined 3 weeks ago and said "I need a Mac and Adobe CS2 to do this job." the initial response was "O.k. we'll get it for you." now leadership wants to know "Why Mac?". We've tried to explain, "Macs are just better at creative stuff." I can admit that isn't an overwhelming argument, but its still true. So what I really need is, THE FACTS. why do Macs perform better at creative tasks? Why are Macs pretty much the industry standard? What will Macs do for us that PCs won't?

    here's some other info about my church that might helpful to understanding our situation. we run 4 different venues every sunday morning. at each venue we have a Dell laptop that we run PowerPoint off of. a couple of these laptops are on their last legs. they get banged around alot, so they don't have much fight left in them. we use a lot of videos in our programs and it sux big time when the video skips in the middle because these lame old laptops can't handle it. and I get ticked because I know how hard I worked to make a rockin video. we're budgeted to get new hardware for all our venues. we haven't jumped yet because of we're also switching from PowerPoint to MediaShout, which is designed with church use in mind. MediaShout currently does not have a Mac version available. they're working on it, but it will be awhile before its released. My suggestion at first was 4 Mac Minis for each venue with MediaShout and Bootcamp to run it on. Not being a Mac guy myself, I didn't realize that that probably wouldn't work. I think its because the Mini can't handle it and we need to output to a monitor and a projector which I guess it couldn't do. I could be wrong on that though. I don't know if iMacs or Powerbooks are the way to go either. I just don't know enough to know whats the best way to go. So thats kinda where we're at. any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Well, my first response would be a simple performance argument. Photoshop CS2 on a Power Mac G5 is nearly twice as fast as on the fastest PC's today.

    Adobe has extensively optimized Photoshop for the PPC based Macs. DO NOT buy Photoshop for an Intel Mac. It is native PPC code until CS3 comes out, which means that it is interpreted through Rosetta and is as slow as cold molasses going uphill. Running natively on the PPC based Power Macs though, it outperforms anything on the market.

    I am not making this up - I am a Photoshop CS2 user who has just moved from PC to Mac precisely to get more performance. After extensive reading and research, I went with a Power Mac G5. It is simply the fastest Photoshop engine out there right now (and for the next 12 months or so until CS3 comes out).
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    Cheers mate. thanx for the info. very helpful.

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    yeah...adobe apps wont run half as good on intels til 2007. as for what to do at church. if you need the mac for graphics then ovbiously go for it and get a good one. and i'm sure there is something like mediashout that works on a mac. it might even be free. there is lots of great freeware for macs and some of it is better than the real stuff.

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