i just bought an iBook and now i'm having a little problem with OS X's disk image utility.

before this, i'm a Windows user, and for recreational purpose i installed ePSX, a PSX emulator that is able to play PSX games from CD image with img and mdf formats.

but when i tried to play those CD images on my iBook, Flarestorm 2 (psx emulator for mac) couldn't read those image formats.
i've tried to make an image using mac's Disk Utility (with .cdr format), but the application said it couldn't read the CD (input/output error)
i've tried to make the image using Flarestorm 2, but the image making process always stop on 99.92% (ouch!!)

can anybody give me any solutions on this??
should i look for Windows app that can make a Mac image, or should i look for Mac app that can read disk image which was made on Windows??