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Thread: Soon 2 be Apple ibook owner

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    Talking Soon 2 be Apple ibook owner
    Hello, after sitting down and trying to decide if I am going to make t he switch, i finally decided today to go ahead and make the switch from a PC to a MAC, so as a birthday gift to my self this month I will be the proud owner of a new Apple ibook G4 14in 1Ghz

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    Woo! welcome to the club.

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    It's a good machine.

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    Cool I just changed, hell think after my PC's start to die out I will totally change. Like the way panther is, I believe it is much nicer than XP Pro.

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    Get the 933!!

    U would save money towards maxing out the ram and bigger hard drive.

    Not enough speed increase for the price diff imho

    a satisfied 933 g4 ibook owner

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