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    Question Intel or G5? (I'm NEW)
    I think that I am posting in the right area, I am new so if I am in the wrong area I am sorry. I am going to be switching to an iMac but I am really confused on what is the right decision as far as the processors go. I am stuck between the G5 and the Intel. The computer is going to be used mostly for everyday stuff, music internet and so on, but I have a concern because my live-in girlfriend is still in school and needs to use Office for ALOT of her stuff. Is one better than the other for this? I have read that there are issues with office on the intel iMac, but does the intel iMac run faster and smoother for all of the other stuff? I am so confused with all of it. My thought was that I was going to order the iMac G5 20" Intel from the Apple web site and upgrade to 2gb of ram and iWorks installed, if that info helps at all. Any suggestions or help with making a decision would be a huge help. Thanks ahead of time. I am truly excited about getting a Mac!!!!

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    The reason that Office runs slower on the new Intel macs is because it is not a "Universal" Application yet. It is allowed to run on the Intel macs via an unseen application called "Rosetta". This program is built into all Intel Macs so that applications made for G5's can run on Intel processors. It emulates them so to speak so you don't tell a difference, except for how fast they operate. At this point, I don't see any reason to purchase a G5 iMac, unless you get a heck of a discount over the Intel version. Office isn't something that requires a lot of speed to begin with, so I would stick it out until they come out with a Universal version of it sometime next year. Also, if you buy an Intel mac, you have the option of loading windows on it and using that version of Office if you have it. That kills two birds with one stone and doesn't stick you with an older G5 machine.

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    I use Office programs on my intel iMac with no problems.

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    I think your only option for getting a G5 iMac from Apple right now is through the online Refurbished Store. And, correct me if I'm wrong, I don't think you can upgrade a 'puter purchased from there.

    That means you would have to upgrade the RAM yourself. This might make your decision easier.

    That being said. A G5 processor would be just fine for your needs. They are quite fast and run all programs natively, no Rosetta. The G5 will be supported for many years to come. This will allow all of the developers to catch up to Apples Intel Switch, in time for you to need a new computer...
    Oh, and, aahh, I'm going to have to go ahead and ask you to come in on Sunday, too...yeah

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