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    Can you change an account password with out the old one? (help A.S.A.P)
    Alright, this is some stupid crap. So I just got my grandmother's iMac and I have to set it up for her and all this fun stuff so I put her password in when setting up the whole computer. First thing it does is like hey! You need to update!

    So I tell it to install the updates, it asks for the password and the password I put in not a minute earlier wont work! WTF? It tells me it's a bad password and I've been trying different versions, as if I misspelled it twice while looking at the keyboard, and versions with letters missing but no good.

    So can I change the password with out knowing the old one? This is stupid.. neye:

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    To change an administrator's password withput knowing the original password, you'll need OS the install discs. For details go to:

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    Thanks, yeah just called up Mac and it was really easy. That's always nice, it works now. Thanks though.

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