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Thread: MacBook Questions

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    MacBook Questions
    Hi there

    I am thinking about buying a MacBook and using my (also new) mac Mini as a Media Center.

    My Question now is, can I attach an external monitor to a macBook and which resolution does the macBook support on such an external monitor.

    Secondly, can the macBook operate with the display closed? The macBook would mainly reside on my desk and will only be used on the road now and then.


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    Yes you can put an external display, the MacBook will support up to 1280 x 800 in mirror mode or you can turn on extended desktop mode and go up to 1920 x 1200 (the size of Apples 23" displays). You can also run with the display closed like a desktop computer. To see how to do these things check the manual that comes with the MacBook or you can download it here

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    Thanx !

    You know, I am a new mac user ... but the mac fever already has caught me. Still, I am surprised every day, how simple things are (e.g. installing and uninstalling apps) I am currently selling all my Windows stuff on eBay.

    Yes, I am macified

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    I am just the same as you. Bought a core duo mac mini recently as media centre and hopefully will be getting macbook shortly. The 2 macs compliment each other well.

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