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    Firefox ALWAYS downloads files even on "Open"
    Since I switched to a Mac, Firefox always downloads the files I tell it to simply open. On Windows, these files would go to a temp directory and later on be deleted. With the Mac, these files are cluttering my desktop even when I simply want to "Open" them and not "Save" them. Any way to fix this?
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    what type of files are you talking about? both pictures, songs, and videos can be opened in a URL w/out downloading, and music can be streamed in itunes without downloading. maybe not having ever used windows extensively im just confused by the question? haha, im sorry!
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    the only files i've noticed firefox doing that with is wmv files. i think it has to do with the difference in wmp integration between osx and xp.

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    I've actually always had this problem in XP as well. It was the one thing about IE that I missed after switching to Firefox.

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    install flipformac (wm plugin for quicktime) and use safari.

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