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ColumbusMascot 05-22-2006 12:03 AM

Office Questions
I'm about to buy a loaded 20" Imac for college. I've read all the posts about office but can't find one that truly answers my question. Which of the following is the fastest and or easiest way to run Office?

A. Running bootcamp, installing Windows XP, and then installing Office?

B. Installing my regular Windows Office 04 cd and letting Rosetta handle it?

C. Buying the Office for Mac software which would also be run using Rosetta?

I've got a pc laptop I'll be taking with me but really need the storage space of a desktop. I know I'll be able to accomplish much more on an Apple. Even though Auburn designates itself as an Apple School, everything there is PC so I know I will be needing to use office. Thanks in advance for your help.

iWonder 05-22-2006 12:35 AM

Rosetta can't run windows apps.. mac can't run windows apps..

so its either A or C.

and it depends on how convenient you want it.

a would be faster, and c would be easier.

TBoblp 05-22-2006 01:52 AM

Buy it for mac. If you're getting a "loaded" 20" imac then it will run fine, you wont notice any lag. I have a 20" imac with a 1gb ram and it runs fine.

Chundermuffin 05-22-2006 01:54 AM

I'd go with option A, for now (that's what I plan to do when I get a Macbook Pro), seeing as you've already got a version of Office and presumably a copy of XP. I'll wait for Office to be universal before I consider buying the Mac version.

That said, I did get a chance today to try both Word and Excel on, funnily enough, a 20" Intel iMac, and they ran fine. Typing in Word had a delay, initially, but I put in a few sentences and it was smooth enough. Certainly not intolerable like some have been saying.

dohidied 05-22-2006 02:36 AM

i'd just buy office for mac. i have it on my imac and it runs fine under rosetta. booting into windows just to use office would get to be a pain. boot camp is nice, but two minutes just to open office is a bit excessive.

Cashmonee 05-22-2006 02:42 AM

Is there any idea when office will become dual binary? Are they just gonna wait for Office 2007?

dohidied 05-22-2006 05:32 AM

yes, microsoft says that office won't be universal binary until the next release, which is most likely 2007.

-e- 05-22-2006 06:53 AM

i heard that office runs pretty badly through rosetta. is this true? i heard that powerpoint is super slow, and nothing else runs to full speed either. what's the go? i was just about to buy a macbook, but if i can't even run office on it... unless it involved booting it in windows, or using a slow emulated version... should i just get a powerbook instead and get the mac version?

dohidied 05-22-2006 04:13 PM

i haven't used powerpoint yet, but office and excel work fine for me. no, they don't run at full speed and i'm sure you can get it to lag if you try, but it's not as bad as some people would have you think. if you're close to an apple store you can go try office on one of the machines.

wxboss 05-22-2006 05:27 PM

I would probably lean towards Office for Mac. Currently, there is a real nasty Word vulnerability that I believe only extends to the M$ based platform. I don't believe it affects the Mac version.

Here is a link on the vulnerability. Since I've made the full switch to OSX & Macs, I just have no desire to mess with M$ - it's a dangerous neighborhood.

Daddy Elmis 05-23-2006 04:18 PM

I run Mac Office on my new iMac 20 (1gig ram) with no problems in Word or Excel (haven't used Powerpoint) -- and I'm a fast typer. All the Office programs seem to load more slowly (compared to XP), perhaps because of Rosetta, but performance is not an issue.

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