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vmcvay123 05-19-2006 03:17 PM

PC to Mac
OK...I am making the change....
I some simple Question.....First I have a lot of PC software that I use
everday, mostlty Photoshop CS2. So until I have the money to update all
my software I would like to run window. What do I need to buy to make
it so?

Next Graphic Cards....I really like the idea of buying the new 13" power book
and adding a 20" cinema display to go with it. So that I have the best of
both worlds. Will I notice the a power difference between this and lets a
a Imac G5?


Graphite 05-19-2006 03:41 PM


You would need to buy an intel mac. I would suggest getting as much RAM (most important) as you can afford and getting the most powerful CPU you can afford.

Download BootCamp and instal XP.

By using a 20" display you will use up a lot more of your graphics card/CPU than not. I believe that the intel macs are slightly quicker than the G5 in some areas, but I am sure you will notice a difference between the speed in a standing desktop and a little bit smaller book.

Jeremy W 05-19-2006 03:45 PM

Hi, welcome to the world of Macs.

I don't think there is anything you can "buy" to make your PC programs run on a Mac. I would suggest looking at the installation discs (if you have them) and see if they can run on a Mac OS.

The other suggestion I have is to look for a free Mac equivalent of the software that you use. Something to get you through, until you can afford to buy new.

The Power PC (PPC) chips are the "old" world of Mac. I haven't personally used a new Intel Mac, but the word is they are truly fast. I would guess, with RAM being equal on both machines, the MacBook would be snappier than an iMac G5.

Keep in mind that some programs (like Photoshop & Office) *should* run faster on an iMac G5 as they have not yet been configured to run natively on the Intel Macs.

You may want to wait until the universal versions of your favorite programs are released before buying an Intel Mac. If you can't wait, go for the G5. They are still an extremely fast computer.

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