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    Mini help, a few questions before buying.
    Hello all

    I've been reading the forums for a few days, however I still need some confirmation on a few things. I'm looking to get Mini Duo for use in the livingroom. Mainly for storing music, photos, trailers, a bit of email and browsing from the sofa (couch for our US friends) on an LCD HDTV.

    This will be my first Mac! After many, many years of using a Dos/Win PC and a brief stint with the excellent OS/2 (anyone remember that?) I feel I'm ready for a change. My old trusty Compaq laptop is falling apart and before jumping straight for a MacBookPro I think it sensible to try out a cheaper option which will also be a light duty Media Centre. So here I am, reading and trying to see if what I want to do is possible with the Mini.

    1. Can the resolution be set on the Mini to 1366 x 768 so I get 1:1 pixel mapping on the TV?
    2. Is there enough power in the integrated Intel 950 graphic chip to play HD content at least the above resolution?
    3. Does MS Exchange Server webmail work correctly in the Safari browser?
    4. Can the Front Row interface be loaded automatically at startup?

    Thanks for reading my post.



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    I own a Core Duo mini and use it for basically your main usage you mentioned for the Mini. All I can say is it works at the native resolution of my Viewsonic Wide Screen 19" Faultlessly and plays back 1080p and 1080i HD without a hitch. The Core Solo will not do HD without some frame skipping, so be sure and get the Core Duo. Just checked and the Native Resolution on my Wide Screen Viewsonic is 1440x900. Works great.

    Not sure if you can launch Front Row at bootup because it's launched with the remote. Just one button and it's there. Will check into that for you though.

    not sure about MS Exchange server WebMail but I am sure there is a way. Remember, there is Firefox, Camino, Opera and many other browsers for OSX also.

    I TO WELL remember OS2. It was my favorite OS. The only reason I went back to windows for a while is IBM killing it off and the eventuall lack of applications and support. I loved OS2.

    OSX is the closest thing I have used for me to OS2. I think you will love it.

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    Wow, that was quick. Thank you for your reply dtravis7. Man, it's got to be late where you are, go to bed!

    I forgot one thing in my post. I'd like a bluetooth keyboard with integrated mouse pointer or trackball, any good solutions? I've seen the MS Media Centre keyboard here but I doubt it's compatible. Are there any similar products?

    OS/2 RIP, you will be missed.



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