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Thread: Enabling F-Keys (F1-F12) on an iBook

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    Enabling F-Keys (F1-F12) on an iBook
    Sorry is this sounds like a silly newbie question, but unfortunatly the manual (if you really can call it that) that came with the iBook is sorely lacking.

    First off, I was pleased to find that the Diablo II and LOD CDs that I purchased are hybrid. I originally bought them for my PC, but was happy to find that I could install and play on my new iBook. The problem that I am running into is that the F-keys are used for hotkeys in the game (cast a spell, etc.) but when I press them on the iBook I get the volume up/down, contrast, etc. instead of the actual F-Key.

    I looked through the manual, and did a quick search to see if this had been covered before (if it has, I didn't seem to come up with any hits...) but could not find any help on this subject.

    I thought perhaps the small "fn" key in the lower left might be a toggle, but couldn't seem to make it work if it really is...

    Can anyone offer any help?

    I am using a G3 900Mhz iBook with 256MB and CD drive. Running OS X 10.2.8 and the Carbon OS X patch for Diablo II (to run in native OS X instead of Classic)

    Thanks in advance for any info...

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    In the meantime, you can press the S key to bring up your spellbook and select them manually.

    If you're using a character with only a handful of skills you use regularly, you can manually change the spell hotkeys in the Options Menu (somewhere) to keys that aren't taken for other things.

    I don't know about your F# key problem. I have yet to run Diablo 2 on my iBook.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyphus
    I thought perhaps the small "fn" key in the lower left might be a toggle, but couldn't seem to make it work if it really is...
    I never use the function keys so I can't say for certain that this works, but according to the help file, the "fn" key works not as a toggle, but more like the "shift" key. Quoted directly:

    "To use a function key as a function key instead of a volume or brightness control, hold the fn key while pressing the function key you want to use."

    The user's manual is indeed brief, but if you ever need help with using your new iBook, I suggest trying the "Mac Help" section located under "Help" in the Finder taskbar. It's a good place to start, and there are usually at least basic answers to most questions there.

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    Thanks for your help and suggestions! I do appreciate it! I now at least have a few options to try out.

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    i do wish there was an option to switch the F-keys from being volume/brightness by default to being F-keys... Descent III makes wide use of the F-keys, particularly in tight situations....

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    Yeah after installing D2 on my own iBook and doing my own investigation, I do believe there is no way to make the F-keys be the F-keys by default. You can however hold the fn key, but that's uncomfortable for me. Just assign the skills to unused letters from the game options menu.

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