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Cashmonee 05-19-2006 12:00 AM

I want a Macbook Pro
So I was gonna get an ASUS but that fell thru, and now I am set on a Macbook Pro. Here's the problem. The issues they have had, are they really that widespread? Please do not sugar coat it, if it's absolutely necessary I can wait, but I want to buy in two weeks. So, if I get this am I gonna regret it for having a bunch issues? Also, I have yet to own an Apple. Would it be advisable to get Applecare? Is Apple pretty good about repairing stuff under warranty? One more thing I will be a switcher. I will probably use boot camp for fun and some games, but OSX would be my main OS.

Thanks for the help!

Chundermuffin 05-19-2006 04:51 AM

Heyo, I'm in pretty much the same boat as you. I incidentally put off buying a Macbook Pro - mostly because I was still gathering funds, but can afford it now. My view is that the issues are not as widespread as you may believe. There are teething problems with any new thing and this has been no exception. However, they've been out for nearly five months now, undergone a couple of minor revisions and they seem pretty sweet. I plan on getting Applecare as well, but remember you don't have to get it straight away (you can get it anytime within your initial 12-month warranty). As such I'm not terribly concerned about getting a machine with faults at this stage.

Like you, I'll be switching, but running XP through Boot Camp for games, and most likely Office, at least until it becomes universal (but will check out iWork). Just about everything else I use on XP has a Mac equivalent.

So in summary:
-Issues under control
-Get Applecare (even if not straight away)
-You won't regret it!

Hope that helps you.

dthorn 05-19-2006 06:37 PM

I purchased a MBP about a month and a half ago and have been nothing but happy with my decision.

I was worried about the issues people were reporting, but I haven't had a single one of the issues anybody was talking about.

The heat issue is overplayed. It's not that hot and considering the power you get out of the machine, I'm not surprised it runs hot -- normal computers do get, you know, hot.

I do recommend AppleCare, though as the above poster said, you do not have to buy it right away. It's just much cheaper to buy AppleCare than a new computer if something goes wrong two years from now.

If you're a student, make sure you take advantage of the student discount Apple offers. It saved me around 350 dollars.

Cashmonee 05-19-2006 07:58 PM

So, I need a little more. I posted a similar topic over at Notebook Review, and some of the comments were rather harsh. Basically, I understand that people don't post on forums because they have a good experience. So, I just want to be sure thta the odds are in my favor that I will get a good one.

Also, I have zero problems with Windows XP. I keep my secure thru habits. I do not use anti-virus, anti-spyware, etc. I have a hardware firewall(router) and use firefox and thunderbird. I have had NO viruses or spyware to date on this machine (nearly 3 yrs old). So, I am not going to Mac because I am fed up with Windows security per se. I want to switch because I want a better overall experience. Am I gonna be dissapointed? What features will realy blow me away? Any? I really like what I have seen of iLife in the store.

One more thing. I thought I heard that you can right click using the touchpad somehow? BTW, i really prefer 2finger scrolling too. I am excited, just get me over the hump!

Chundermuffin 05-19-2006 08:35 PM

I believe right-click can be done with either control + click, or 2 fingers on touchpad + click.

Edit: After a bit of googling it seems the 2 finger thing only works on the 17" Macbook Pro at the moment? Perhaps someone here can verify?

Edit 2: Out of curiosity, how do you know your XP installation doesn't have spyware or viruses if you don't use any antispyware/-virus programs? Firefox is awesome but not immune to everything.

mynameis 05-20-2006 12:12 AM


Originally Posted by Chundermuffin
how do you know your XP installation doesn't have spyware or viruses if you don't use any antispyware/-virus programs? Firefox is awesome but not immune to everything.


Originally Posted by Cashmonee
I keep my secure thru habits.

It is very possible to not have spyware/virus problems without installing programs for them.

So far, out of the MacBook Pros that I have used, the only issue I have noticed is that they run HOT.

PowerBookG4 05-20-2006 12:53 AM

2 finger right clicking is not exclusive to the 17 inch macbook pro, I have it on my 15 inch powerbook.

Cashmonee 05-20-2006 02:53 AM


Originally Posted by Chundermuffin
Edit 2: Out of curiosity, how do you know your XP installation doesn't have spyware or viruses if you don't use any antispyware/-virus programs? Firefox is awesome but not immune to everything.

Pretty much I run TrendMicro's Housecall everty once and a while and nothing ever turns up. Plus it ids actually very easy to keep your Windows pc clean if you use common sense. The only thing you get by just being on the internet is worms which a firewall/router will block. Everything else is a matter of being smart and not clicking "OK" or going to shady sites. In fact, I have actually heard that most security experts run their systems 'naked' like I do. Not to say I am a security expert cause I'm not, but a few good programs and a little common sense go a long way.

Chundermuffin 05-20-2006 04:08 AM

I see. Well, when you get your Mac you won't have to worry about it at all :)

ezhangin 05-20-2006 12:58 PM

This may sound redundant but try another spyware remover and anti virus because different programs pick up different things, you would be surprised. Also I don't see why you haven't reformatted your PC yet, the things get slow over time no matter what you do. I hadn't reformatted my XP computer in about a year and once I did I was really surprised how little processes I had running once I reinstalled all of my programs again (compared to pre-reformat; also my virus scanner and adware said they found nothing).

Cashmonee 05-20-2006 02:20 PM

I actually reformat at the end of every semester or so. So yes I do reformat about twice a year. I don't really ever notice a slowdown though. I do it more to clean up all the crap files I accumulate for school and such. The important ones are on discs backed up and the junk can then be thrown out!

This does bring up another question! Do I need to reformat the Mac every once in a while or no? I mean I don't notice a slowdown, but if I only reformatted once a year, I would. Is OSX this way?

ezhangin 05-20-2006 02:31 PM

My PowerBook is coming up on a year now and it has not slown down at all, if anything it became a little faster. I believe Macs do not have to be reformatted like Windows Based computers do over time.

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