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    Another Switcher!
    Hey guys,
    I got my new 20" Intel iMac last night. My very first Mac too. I have also been a long time Windows user (Windows 3.11/Icons/Amegia 500), and I work in the IT field so I'm still sorounded by PCs, but it'll be nice to know that when I come home I have a machine that works and I can do so much with for music, photos, videos, and recording music. Thanks for the good info on here.
    20" Intel iMac 2GHz 250 GB HD 2 GB RAM 256 MB VRAM
    80 GB 5.5G iPod
    8 GB iPhone

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    Enjoy it :mac:

    I'm sure you've already researched a lot and found out what are cool apps to have but there are a ton listed on this site:

    The freeware category is good there are lots of little freeware gems.

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    Congrats on your new system
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