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    Screenshot/Print screen?
    How would I go about taking a picture of the chart of Apple's stock and including it in a powerpoint? In windows I would just alt+printscreen then paste into photoshop and crop it. What can I do on the mac? I'm doing a powerpoint report on Apple and I need a final graphic of their stock.
    website of stock:

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    Check this out:

    I would suggest downloading a widget to make it easier for you (ie. ScreenShot Plus). Hope this helps.

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    Its not working...command shift and then any three keys? Its not creating "Picture 1"...any ideas?

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    hold command + shift + key 3 (or key 4 for selection). Not any keys, they need to make that clearer. The file will be on your desktop

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    Yup, just hit Command+Shift+thenumberfourkey and your pointer will become the selection tool. Drag a box around the stock image and it'll place it all nicely cropped on your desktop.

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