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    My New Macbook Pro And My Old Samsung ML-1710 Printer
    I recently made the move from PC to a MBP. I have gotten my Samsung ML-1710 to print almost perfectly with my new mac and Word for Mac , but I have a stubborn problem that I have been unable to solve.

    My printer works great with regular documents, but I haven't been able to get it to print envelopes yet. I have screwed around with the various Word envelope printer options, but it always prints the address or return address in the wrong place. So far my tinkering has altered the wrong places, but they always remain, well, wrong.

    Does anyone have any hints on making this work. Is there some other (free) program that I should use that will print envelopes correctly? Any other suggestions?

    I am using this for business printing, so I am hesitant to just handwrite the addresses.


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    This isn't really a direct solution but I've used a 1710 with several macs and different programs, including Word 2004 and Appleworks. I've given up trying to print envelopes on the 1710. I use a budget Canon inkjet (i350) that I bought to do CD labels to print any envelopes. It's not the ideal solution but the cost of the printer is small and my business mail looks good.

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