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    Thumbnails in Finder?
    Recent there anyway to get Finder to view pictures as thumbnails? It does make it easier when attaching photos - this is about the ONLY thing I like better in Winblows than OS X. Any ideas on how to do this if possible?

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    Right-click into the folder, "show view options", customize away

    I has a signijer.

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    Got it
    Thanks bro!!

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    How come, on the Desktop, some images are shown as thumbails when others are not? A tiff-file is not shwon while a PNg is? Why?

    Sorry. View Options fixed it. Weird that some pics where thumbnailed, though.
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    I think it's because the thumbnail needs to be "actively" applied. This happens when you save something in photoshop (photoshop will make the icon be a preview of the file). You can get utils that do this too. I'm guessing when you check the box "show icon preview" then osx will quickly check the files in the current folder and add an icon preview if it doesn't have one (osx actively applies the thumnails at this point).

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