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    Question Is it poss to put windows on ibook g4?
    Hi there I am very new to mac and so far I am very happy with it. The only thing is I need a windows program for my work and it wont work on macs.Is there any way to have it operate on my mac. it is a .exe file? Thanx for your help. Much appreciated regards

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    Sure, it's called Virtual PC but it's pretty darn slow...

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    you can run virtual pc....but you have to buy it and then buy windows also...

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    Quote Originally Posted by macAttack
    you can run virtual pc....but you have to buy it and then buy windows also...
    depending on which version of vpc you buy.. some of them come with windows.
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    I would recommend staying away from VPC, from what I've heard, it's pretty slow.
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    Virtual PC is not to bad as long as you don't plan on doing intensive processes with it. For example gaming, photo editing, and video editing are out of the picture. But a lot of web designers and some photographers doing moderate editing use Virtual PC---sure there may be some what of a lag--but that's better than not being able to open the file period. I'd suggest upping your RAM to. Best of luck...
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