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playm0de 05-11-2006 06:39 PM

Taking my iMac to get fixed
Ive posted previously on how my iMac suddenly became stable [shaking unit] since the painters moved my desk with the computer on it, without my knowledge. Im quite angry because I feel the computer isn't the same as before and I'm finding all these things that are different about it which might just be placebo. Im trying to figure out if the painters could have done any more damage. For one, I think my computer has been louder lately. What could cause this? Second, this isnt a big deal but I could have sworn when my display went to sleep [just the display not the computer] the light that usually blinks when the whole computer is asleep never came on. Now whenever my display goes to sleep the "sleep light" is continuously doesnt blink like in full sleep mode but is always turned on. Is it this way with any of your macs?
Well, my computer shaking is really annoying, and Im super mad about it. It now takes a lot more effor to adjust the screen size and there is a scraping sound when I do.
Anyways, my iMac was PERFECT before. I loved it. Im really hoping after I take it to the apple store itll be back in condition, what do you guys think?

baggss 05-11-2006 06:59 PM

Have you tried the iMac on another surface, say a counter top, table or another desk, to see if the same thing happens? This would completely rule out your desk as the culprit.

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