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    i cant install stuff :(
    i just got an ibook G3 and it has 10.2.8 on it. and when i try install something like bit torrent. it will install all good, but when i open it, it stays in the dock a few seconds the just goes away.

    any sugestions? thanks

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    Possibly the bit torrent client you tried to install is too new. 10.2 is a very old release, you should have panther at least (10.3).



    Can I use BitTorrent on Mac OS X?
    You can use BitTorrent on Mac OS X 10.3 and newer. BitTorrent currently does not work under OS X 10.2.

    Can I use BitTorrent on Mac OS 9?
    After installing MacPython, you should be able to use from the source.
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    Oct 25, 2004
    thanks man that is what i was thinking, do you know any that will work with 10.2.8? i have tried alot of them and nada

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