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    Removing Software
    Hello Forum,

    I'm a switcher. I bought a new 12" G4 1.5Ghz 1.25MB RAM 80GB Powerbook and I love it. I only have two regrets. That I waited so long to get a Mac and that I did not get the 100GB hard drive. I am hoping the MacBook comes out tomorrow and Apple drop the prices on the Powerbook and then I can get a price match. I think I have 14 days.

    I was wondering what is the best way to remove software from a mac.

    Any suggestions on internet browsers?

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    Drag it to the trash. Simple as that. Very, very, very few programs need an uninstaller and you'd usually know it.

    Welcome to the Mac world! Most of your questions can probably be answered using the search feature of the forum. If you can't find them there then feel free to post and someone here will definitely be able to answer!
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    Firstly welcome to the Forums and the Mac platform
    Glad to hear you are enjoying your new Mac!

    The best way to remove software on a Mac is:

    1) Find the Application and Simply Drag it to the Trash can! That is it! :O Application uninstalled!

    2) Although the Application will undoubtedly now be removed, sometimes applications can leave the odd file behind (relating to prefs etc). Although they will be tiny and do no harm, if you want to remove them simply perform a Spotlight search or such for the App and it will show any relating files. Just delete them!

    ....That is it! And I should stress that 1 is really all you need to do, 2 is just optional really. There are also Apps like 'AppZapper' which do that for you, but really its not that hard to drag it to the trash it is?

    Anyway, Good Luck and Enjoy your new Mac

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