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    Apple Display
    Is a 20" Apple Cinema Flat Panel Display worth $800, in your humble opinions? Also, is it exactly the same thing as the screen built into the 20" iMac?

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    I have a 17" Apple studio Display. it was replaced 2 weeks after i purchased it by the new displays. i was pretty annoyed,but i love it. i paid 850 Euro and it still looks great. yeah they are worth the money

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    I haven't ever seen one that I didn't enjoy. For awhile Apple displays trumped all displays, showing clarity and brightness that was unparalleled. Now other manufacturers seem to have caught up. My Dell 2405FPW is just as pretty as my Apple display, IMO.

    But to answer your question, I think they're worth it. It depends on what you're using it for. Some people have run into issues w/ slight discoloration and what not, but that's only in a handful of units. I'd just read comments about the monitor on any resource (the main three I check that tend to have an abundance of user reviews are: Amazon, Newegg, CNet) you can get to see if there are any common defects. Also, if there's an Apple store around you can always take a look there

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    In my honest opinion it's hard to find good quality screens out there, and Apple delivers. Would I buy one of theirs, well me being me I probably would because it matches the rest of the computer but with out my opinions they're wonderful screens. You pay for that, and there are good deals out there that'll get you just as good as picture, though I doubt better, as the Apple screens.

    You just have to get off your lazy butt and search for them. I swear finding a good computer monitor is just hard. I can't say I know of one that is better than an Apple but then again between my price range and an Apple 20" is about $300 so I'm sure there is atleast one that's comparable that's probably $100 or so cheaper.

    Are they worth it? Yes, if I had the money to spare I wouldn't even flinch buying dual 30" displays. I would buy dual 20" displays if I could, but I'm not rich sadly.

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    The Dell displays have been brighter (that's the 2001FP, 2405FPW and 2005FPW) than the 20" Cinema Display from my own subjective findings. Brightness wise they are on par with the 23" Cinema Display.

    The Dell displays have DVI, VGA, Svideo and Composite inputsm 4 port USB 2 hub, Picture in Picture, excellent adjustable stand, monitor rotate if you have an ATI based Mac and use their utilities... Unless you absolutely cannot stand to sit in front of a display with the Dell logo on it, the Dell offerings are better and also cheaper than the Apple 20" IMHO.

    I use a dual 2001FP setup and would not have anything else, bright, deep blacks, vivid colour reproduction, fast refresh. Superb displays.

    Of course, the best colour reproduction still is to be found on a high end CRT that sadly weighs a ton.


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