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    Problems with Wireless
    I have a wireless modem which is directly wired with my powermac and everything works fine. My Girlfriend brought up her ibook G4 to connect using Airport, and the connection is asking me for a WEP password. what the **** is a WEP password ? i never set any password on my home network.

    Anyone any ideas?

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    If you don't remember setting up a WEP password, then you either need to access the wireless modem settings to access the WEP password or reset the WEP password. WEP is a security protocol for wireless networks. It protects you from outsiders using your bandwith and/or accessing your files via a wireless signal. It encrypts the data. If you can't do either one of those, then you can completely re-set the modem and set up a new WEP or WPA password. Remember the password and when your girlfriend wants to come by and use your wireless network, have her connect through your SSID and input the password that you came up with.

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