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Thread: 1 monitor or 2

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    1 monitor or 2
    i currently have the new apple 23inch cinema and i love it but it really put a dent in my wallet, so i was thinking of getting 2 new dell 20inch monitors the 2007fpw they look pretty anyone had anyone of these monitors from dell ??
    any mac specific problems such as compatibility problems?
    any imput would be nice
    also if i sell the apple it's has apple care doe that transfer to the new owner?

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    I have the 20" Dell 4:3 monitors, 2001fps and they are superb, I use two of them in a dual display setup and it is just awesome, very very pleased. Colour reproduction is rich, the displays are bright and crisp, loads of inputs etc. Equally as good as Apple's Cinema Displays.


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    2, you will never go back.

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    Does your graphic card have dual dvi, or is it one dvi and one adc. if they are different(one dvi and one adc) you will require a adc-to-dvi converter lead. they are about $30 from apple. i have a g5, and mine is one dvi, and one adc.adc is being phased out in opt for dvi.

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    no it's a brand new dual core g5 2.0 with the pci xpress it's not adc

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