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    WinMedia Player install on IntelCore
    ok, i searched around and couldnt find an answer.

    im a new-er mac user and after working on them for the last year at school, i got a 17" Intel Core Imac w/ 2gb ram, i havent had any problems with anything EXCEPT....

    i downloaded Windows Media Player for OSX and its a .bin file. the research i found says you are just supposed to open with with Stuffit Expander, but when i do this it simply tries to open it in Excell as a spreadsheet.

    im sure its probablly some stupid n00b problem, but any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Open Stuffit and then drag the .bin file onto the Stuffit icon in the dock. It should open.

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    May 02, 2006
    ah ha..... didnt realize you actually had to download Stuffit first..... i thought that when the download box said open with Stuffit Expander..... that meant i already had it.

    .... im a moron. check.
    thanks... problem solved.

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