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    Hard Drives Overall
    In the overall world of personal computing, where does 250 GB hard drive fall in terms of size?

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    Right between 249 GB and 251 GB.
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    Quote Originally Posted by D3v1L80Y
    Right between 249 GB and 251 GB.
    Hah, another fellow smart ***. To answer your question more specifically, it depends on what files you deal with. I have a ton of music, movies, dvd rips, pictures, etc that fill up a 300GB by themselves. I keep them on this hard drive then put my program files and OS etc. on the primary drive. Since the imac only has the ability to have one internal drive, you want to go with the biggest you can afford at the time. Down the road, you can always add an external for storage, but you may not want to do that. If you don't have a lot of music, or deal with many media files, then 250gb will probably be just fine.

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    Once Seagates Barracuda (750 GB) is out its gunna be pretty low on the scale.

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    It's best to buy the biggest you can afford.

    I currently have a 200GB external drive which I got last year which I thought i'd never fill. But now, I only have about 35gb left on it.

    Mainly its because its got about 80gb of TV recordings (although from my windows laptop, a G3 400MHz isn't powerful for TV). But the rest of my stuff is music, video, photos, downloads and backups.
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