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    Sep 08, 2005
    powerbook 12-inch G4 1.55ghz 80g 512mb superdrive
    my pb looks like its falling apart?
    ok so i just noticed this. there is know way that it could be done by dropping it. first because i take extreme care of it, and i always put it in a shock proof case. my cousin said it could be due to a defect by apple.

    i was wondering if my warranty would cover this, i have the extra apple care. i wont be able to take it back to the apple store for 2 weeks. so i just wanted to know your opinions. also there are NO scratches on my computer that looked like it may have fell. the pictures are of the lower left side of the laptop below he keyboard. the binding looks like it is warped.
    also sorry for the bad pictures it was taken with my cell.

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    It should be covered, because it is not your fault.
    It's all good.

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    Factory Mistake. If your under the warranty then its definitely covered.

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    Sep 08, 2005
    powerbook 12-inch G4 1.55ghz 80g 512mb superdrive
    next question is should i wait till they come out with the new macbook pro 13.3. from what i know when a new product comes out and they dont have a replacment for you they just give you the next version of it?

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    Unlikely you would get the new product, as they would probably just repair the faulty parts, manufacturers have to keep spare parts at least under UK law for 10 years or so.

    Not ruling it out of course.

    My PowerBook 12" has the same issue but old butter fingers here has dropped it twice from about 2-3ft


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    you would get a new bottom case not a macbook

    Apple, think different

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